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Coronavirus map LIVE: Boris Johnson faces unexpected rebellion – 'There is NO confidence'


Some of the UK’s fee-paying schools are in the process of setting up their own track and trace system to monitor coronavirus so they can reopen for the new academic year “come what may”. A governor at one of the private schools said there was “no confidence” left in the Government and headteachers are “furious” with ministers because schools “could have legally and safely opened in this term”.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “We have had enough. We will definitely open in September using our own hygiene measures, our own risk-based assessment of social distancing and our own test and trace system.

“There is no confidence left in the Government, given their failed promises. All schools should do the same.”

Private schools will use the Government’s own legal defence of it’s UK-wide lockdown policies to prove schools were never required to close to fight COVID-19. 

 Submitted to the High Court in response to a judicial review launched by businessman Simon Dolan, it says: “This constituted a request, not a direction.

“The Secretary of State has not exercised his powers to make a closure direction in respect of any school.”



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