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Coronavirus map LIVE: It's happening again – China in frenzied crackdown as cases erupt


The nucleic acid tests come after a surge of new coronavirus cases in the capital since the outbreak of the deadly pathogen over one week ago at the Xinfadi seafood market in the city. Food delivery drivers, parcel delivery personnel, and other couriers are all to receive testing for the pathogen. If couriers are to be found to be infected with coronavirus they will be sent home for an immediate 14-day quarantine.

Chinese central authorities have blamed a shipment of European salmon as the source of the new infections.

After initial tests at the Xinfadi market, the virus was confirmed to have been found on chopping boards that were used to handle salmon from Europe.


Update 7.50 am: World Health Organisation have announced, “a new and dangerous phase” of coronavirus is upon us after a rise in infections across the world.

There have been 54,000 new cases in Brazil and 81 countries seeing daily totals on the rise 

Update 7.20 am: Germany’s confirmed coronavirus cases rise by 601 to 189,135

Confirmed coronavirus infections in Germany increased by 601 to 189,135 on Saturday, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute.

The reported death toll in Germany rose by 11 to 8,883.


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