Court security criticised after upskirting defendant leaves through secret exit to avoid photographers


He said: “Far too often it seems court staff are siding with those accused of or are guilty of crimes, enabling them to avoid publicity by using entrances to court buildings that should not be available to the public.

“In this case it is even more alarming given the nature of the crime committed, if not ironic, that someone guilty of taking the most appalling photograph is then shielded from having their own photograph taken.

“I wonder what his victim thinks.”

Sarah Green, co-director of the End Violence Against Women coalition, said: “The prosecution of a man for ‘upskirting’ a stranger in a train station, following station staff action to apprehend the offender, is a welcome sign that this abusive behaviour is being taken seriously.

“The victim’s description of her distress and the impact of the crime is no surprise.

“But it appears the defendant was allowed to leave the court by a private exit, thus avoiding the media.

“This is contrary to the openness of our courts and should be investigated.

“If he was allowed to do this due to any sense of pity, or a view that the crime he has committed is trivial or not very harmful, then this is a strong reminder of why women find it so difficult to challenge and come forward about this kind of extremely invasive behaviour.


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