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Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott ‘still can’t workout’ after coronavirus diagnosis


As sports leagues attempt to restart following shutdowns due to COVID-19, Dallas Cowboys’ running back Ezekiel Elliott said he’s still not ready to work out as he recovers from the virus — but expects that to change soon.

Elliott said Wednesday on Twitch that he “had one or two days where I felt symptoms — and even then it wasn’t too bad.”

The running back added he “had a cough and a little shortness of breath. Now I feel good, I feel normal.”

But the 24-year-old said he was being patient about a return to physical activity.

“I’ve got to wait,’’ Elliott said. “I could’ve [gone] and got re-tested this week, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to wait another week and just give myself more time to rest up. … But I feel good.”

Elliott was among the Cowboys and Houston Texans that tested positive earlier this month while in Texas, where cases of the coronavirus have spiked recently.

After reports came out about Elliott’s positive test, the running back expressed his displeasure with the results becoming public by tweeting “HIPAA?” in reference to the federal law that prohibits doctors from sharing personal medical information without a person’s consent. The media is not covered under the 1996 act.


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