Crawl is daft, naff and full of cheap jump-scares but it gets to the point quickly and does its job


FANCY an experiment? Jot down the following words: Killer. Alligators. Storm. Trapped. Father. Daughter. Issues.

Now spend ten minutes writing the plot of Crawl and I bet you’ll be close.


In Crawl, a young woman must fight for her life against alligators[/caption]

Competitive swimmer Hayley (Kaya Scodelario) goes on the hunt for her father (Barry Pepper) who has gone missing during a severe hurricane.

She finds him lying injured in their basement. But before they can get out, rising floodwaters trap them in the confined space alongside some particularly hungry alligators.

You know what, though? It’s not bad.

I think anyone looking at the poster or watching the trailer knows exactly what the deal is here.


A category 5 hurricane leads to severe flooding[/caption]

The contract clearly states you will be served a pretty daft script, incomprehensible plot points and cheesy emotional speeches at inopportune moments.

Why choose a time when you really need to get a jog on to discuss why your wife left you? Save it, dude!

Crawl is daft, naff, full of cheap jump-scares and doesn’t know when to stop its preposterous sequences of events.

But it gets to the point quickly and does its job. The Cuprinol of film.

Crawl (15)




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