Cricket World Cup brawl erupts as mob of fans ‘attack Pakistan supporter' in Leeds


A HUGE brawl has erupted at the Cricket World Cup match in Leeds as a mob of Afghanistan fans attacked what is reportedly a Pakistan supporter.

Shocking video posted on Twitter shows fans using metal gates, bottles and flag poles as weapons as they pile into a huge fight outside the Yorkshire Cricket Club, in Headingley.

The rivalry between Pakistan and Afghanistan is one of the most intense in the cricket world.

The two countries’ long-standing political differences occasionally play out on the pitch when the national go head to head.

And the latest fight shows the bitterness between rival supporters hasn’t calmed down.

Fight at cricket world cup

GATES: Fans used gates, bottles and flag poles to attack each other (Pic: TWITTER@DanyalGilani)

Fight at cricket

RIVALRY: Pakistan and Afghanistan have a long-standing rivalry (Pic: TWITTER@DanyalGilani)

Cricket fight

DENIAL: One Twitter user said the fight was not to do with simmering fan tension (Pic: TWITTER@DanyalGilani)

Comments posted under the fight video include messages of encouragement to the fighting fans.

Awesome, show these dallkhors to not f**k with Afghans,” wrote one person.

Another commented: “Such a thankless nation. We should kick the out of Pakistan.”

However, at least one person denied the fight was as simple as fan rivalry.

One Twitter user posted: “Plz don’t spread fake & false news, the fight outside the stadium wasn’t between Pakistanis & Afghans. It was all about the tickets & personal matter. I was there. The guy sold them the used tickets.”


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