Cruel babysitter called mum to let her hear her two-month-old girl die in agony suffering two skull fractures


A CRUEL babysitter called the mum of a two-month-old girl so she could hear her child die in agony suffering two fatal skull fractures.

Former daycare owner Nydia Carillo-Maldonado waited for three hours to call an ambulance as baby Bella Redondo screamed in pain.

Stamford Police Department

Nydia Carillo-Maldonado has refused to say what happened to a baby who died with a fractured skull while in her care[/caption]

That emergency call only came after the 36-year-old phoned little Bella’s panicked mum Katy Fernando three times from Wardwell Street daycare in Stamford, Connecticut.

In a statement read in court today by the State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo, the grieving mum said: “I will never forget the calls you made to me that day.

“I heard her screams in the background.

“That was the last thing I heard from my Bella.

“I will never hear her call me mommy, but I heard her cry in pain while you sat there for hours without doing anything to help her.”


Carillo-Maldonado was allowed to plead guilty to first-degree manslaughter – and was today sentenced to just three and a half years over the July 2016 death.

That is despite Bella – who was unable to walk or crawl – having died of blunt force trauma to the head, officials said.

Carillo-Maldonado has refused to say what happened to the baby and police have not shared information on how Bella came to suffer a fractured skull, the Stamford Advocate reported.


She pleaded guilty under the Alford Doctrine – meaning she disagreed with the facts of the case.

The parents’ attorney Mark Sherman added: “They’re appalled that there was no contrition, no remorse, no ‘I’m sorry.’”

“They’re grateful to the police, state’s attorney, for working on this case for three years.

“It was a challenging case because there was no acceptance of responsibility by the defendant.”

But Judge Gary White insisted that there is no suggestion Carillo-Maldonado “intentionally harmed” baby Bella.

He added: “But it was her recklessness and misconduct that this child died.”

Speaking during today’s sentencing – which parents Katy and Fernando Redondo refused to attend in protest – Carillo-Maldonado insisted: “I did nothing wrong.”

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