Cruel mum and boyfriend tortured 7-year-old son and threw him in lake


The young boy, Omer Yusuf A. was tortured and then thrown into the nearby Lake Van, where his guardians left him for dead.

Following the alleged attempted murder, Omer said: “They bit me. I have scars all over my body, they hurt a lot.

“They then threw me in the lake and I survived by swimming hard.”

According to reports, seven-year-old Omer who lives with his dad, was spending time with his mum in Van, a province of Eastern Turkey.

The mum has been identified as a primary school teacher named Ayla K.

Omer’s dad, Emrah, was contacted and told his son had been found at the Lake and taken into police custody.

Emrah claimed Ayla and her boyfriend Inan had penetrated his son’s hand with an electric drill and given him prominent bite marks all over his body.

After hearing of the shocking abuse endured by his son, Emrah filed an official complaint against both his ex-wife and the local police force, who he accused of neglecting the case.

Emrah went on to say Omer’s strong swimming skills saved his life.

In the Turkish legal system, suspects appear in court very soon after being arrested, and a verdict is usually reached not long after.

The suspects stood trial in court where a judge found them guilty and sentenced them to prison.


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