Dad and two sons ‘raped daughter HUNDREDS of times’


“Her helplessness was taken advantage of by her own father to unleash his sexual desires”

Pimadona Laila

The alleged rapes happened in Sukoharjo, in the western Indonesian province of Lampung, over the course of a year before concerned neighbours raised the alarm over the woman’s apparent deteriorating physical appearance. 

Local media reported the 18-year-old – who cannot be identified for legal reasons – was repeatedly raped by her dad, 45, and her two brothers, aged 24 and 15 respectively. 

The dad and two brothers also cannot be identified due to legal reasons. 

All three were charged with using the teenage woman as a sex slave since her mum died last year. 

According to recently-published police reports, the dad has confessed to abusing his daughter five times, while the 24-year-old brother said he raped her 120 times and the younger brother adding he also raped her 60 times. 

The younger brother also reportedly had sex with a neighbour’s cow and goat. 

Pimadona Laila, head of the police’s women and child protection unit, said: “Her helplessness was taken advantage of by her own father to unleash his sexual desires.”

Meanwhile, the two brothers allegedly blamed their porn addictions as reasons why they committed the horrific acts. 

The victim is now being cared for at a relative’s home and is in a “healthy state”. 

Police added, however, she appears traumatised and has an “empty” look in her eyes. 

Psychiatric tests have been ordered for the 15-year-old boy. 

All three suspects are currently in police custody as investigations into the alleged rape and slavery allegations. 

The dad and older brother face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty. 

Police said the younger brother would be tried at youth court due to his age.


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