Daily horoscope for January 21: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast


The themes for your Tuesday horoscope are comfort and consistency. Tuesday, January 21 begins with the only aspect of the day.

This sees the Moon in Sagittarius make a Square with Neptune in Pisces.

A Square is the special angle where planets or other horoscope points are approximately 90 degrees distant in the Zodiac circle.

This major aspect sees the Moon remain in the star sign of Sagittarius.

Astrologer Marina Stoichkova, from MarStars Astrology, believes this aspect can help me to focus on long-term goals.

She said: ”Planing, spiritual expansion and learning new things can benefit.

“And the cosmic atmosphere is consequently overall very optimistic.

However, she at the same time notes you should be careful about any associated negativity with this aspect.

She said: “You may have to be careful with delusions or misunderstandings today.

As the Moon moves through your sign today and clashes with Neptune, you could feel like you’ve had too much to deal with.

Overall, this combination looks like playing out in your private life.

Things may not be all that clear today but this won’t last forever so trust the process.

The New Moon is coming very soon and meaning this period will be a really good one for manifesting your dream 2020.


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