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Danish agriculture minister quits over mink culling fiasco

Denmark’s minister for food and agriculture resigned Wednesday after the government admitted it did not have the right to order the culling of all farmed mink without having the necessary legislation in place first.

The culling had been ordered after a mutated version of the coronavirus was found in some farms and had infected people.

There is no evidence the mutated version is more dangerous but the country acted quickly out of safety — though it lacked the legal basis to also order the killing of healthy animals.

“I have today informed the prime minister that I want to resign from the government,” said the 57-year-old minister, Mogens Jensen.

“I apologize … and I take full responsibility for that,” he told Danish broadcaster DR after the left-leaning parties that support the Social Democratic one-party, minority government said they no longer have confidence in him.

The center-right opposition also voiced similar reservations.

Minks at farmer Knud Vest's estate in Jyllinge, Denmark.
Minks at farmer Knud Vest’s estate in Jyllinge, Denmark.Ole Jensen/Getty Images

The government began the cull last month by killing infected animals — but the order also was given that non-infected animals were to be culled though it did not have the legal authority to do so.

In total, about 15 million minks are to be killed after a new strain of COVID-19 emerged among the furry critters.

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