Defiant Jacob Rees-Mogg smiles after thug pours water over him in latest attack on Brexit backer


JACOB Rees-Mogg was soaked with a bottle of water in an ANOTHER attack on Brexit backers.

The Somerset MP was drenched by a thug as he left a speaking engagement at the Friends’ Meeting House in central London on Wednesday night.

A protester with a megaphone accosts Jacob Rees-Mogg in central London

A mob of protesters surrounded Tory Rees-Mogg while a man shouted through a megaphone: ‘In you go Jacob, you horrible little man. Take your fascism with you.’

A demonstrator tried to pour a bottle over the MP’s head but missed and got his trousers.

The activist then shouted: “Have a drink of water. It’s European water.”


However, instead of retaliating Rees-Mogg simply smiled as a he whisked away in a black Mercedes.

He later told MailOnline: ‘It is not easy to turn me into a Tory wet’.

Rees-Mogg and his young children were previously accosted by anarchist Ian Bone as he left his family home in London.

Bone, 71, was condemned after doorstepping Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and telling his kids “Your daddy’s a horrible person”.


However, tonight’s attack is the most recent in a spate of incidents involving Brexiteers.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was drenched in milkshake by a Corbyn fan as he campaigned in Newcastle last week.

After the shake was chucked, furious Mr Farage could be heard moaning of his bodyguards’ “complete failure” as they whisked him away.

He added: “You could have spotted that a mile away” and “How could this happen?”.

Paul Crowther, 32, was charged with common assault and criminal damage after the attack, cops confirmed.

Mr Farage was also reportedly left trapped on his campaign bus after people gathered round it carrying milkshakes as he travelled around Kent.

His spokesman later denied this was the case.

Despite the fears of further milkshake attacks the arch-brexiteer saw his party romp to victory in the European Elections – winning 29 MEP seats.

Tommy Robinson was also drenched in milkshake while campaigning – unsuccessfully – to be an MEP for the North West.

The ex-EDL founder was covered in the drink in the space of two days while out in Warrington and Bury.

Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – lost his £5,000 deposit after coming in eighth place out of 11 in the North West England region with just 38,908 votes in the European Election.

He blamed a social media “ban” for his failure.

Rees-Mogg confronts the man as he screams down a megaphone
A thug tries to drench Rees-Mogg with water
Nigel Farage was covered in milkshake after the attack
Nigel Farage was covered in milkshake after the attack

AFP or licensors

Nigel Farage claimed a stunning election victory last night as his Brexit Party topped the polls[/caption]


Robinson was left drenched[/caption]

The Press Association

Tommy Robinson arriving at the Manchester Central convention centre for the EU election results[/caption]

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