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Dementia warning – why the area you live in could raise your risk of brain decline

“This new US-based research suggests a link between noisier areas to live and early-stage thinking problems, but if any causal link exists between these two factors, it is not confirmed by this study.

“The researchers estimated the noise levels someone experienced with readings taken during the daytime and during non-rush hour traffic, ten years ago in the US, so it’s difficult to say whether this research maps to the lives of people in the UK.

“Research has already implicated hearing loss in midlife as a risk factor for dementia and as the diseases causing dementia develop in the brain up to two decades before symptoms show, understanding what may be causing this link will be crucial for further research.

“While we can’t know from this study whether reducing noise pollution could reduce people’s dementia risk, policies to tackle this could have many other benefits for people living in noisy areas.”


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