Democrats 2020: Eric Swalwell, the former prosecutor ready to take on the US gun lobby


Rather unwisely, Mr Swalwell became embroiled in a Twitter spat with NRA supporters, including one who made a death threat.

Asked if he wanted a “war” Mr Swalwell replied: “It would be a short war, my friend. The government has nukes.”

His stance comes as no surprise to Ms Drenick.

“If you are a prosecutor where people have been hurt or their families have been devastated because loved ones have been shot and killed, you, unfortunately, do have a unique perspective.”

Mr Swalwell won election to Dublin City Council in 2010 but his fledgling political career came close to being cut short by a recall campaign, which was abandoned when he decided to run for Congress.

Mr Swalwell challenged 20-term incumbent Democrat Pete Stark for a suburban San Francisco district.

The Californian election system, which allows people to vote in primaries irrespective of their political affiliation, resulted in the two Democrats facing off against each other.

This time, thanks to unofficial Republican support, Mr Swalwell won, recalled Sue Caro, who was chairman of the Alameda Republican party at the time.


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