Dershowitz: Trump Will Have 'Rebuttal' to Mueller Report


Defending the White House’s desire to issue a “rebuttal” to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report in 2016 election meddling, legal expert Alan Dershowitz said a long political narrative warrants a response, unlike a “yes or no” indictment.

“You don’t have to do that if you just limit yourself to indictment or not indictment, but if you go beyond it and you start telling a story, the other side of the narrative has to be produced as well,” Alan Dershowitz told ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos.

“That’s required by fairness and due process.”

Opposing ABC panel member Dan Abrams called a rebuttal to a prosecutors report “ridiculous.”

“Look, that’s just – that’s ridiculous – the idea that you have to allow the other side, in something like this, the opportunity to file a long report in response to a prosecutor,” Abrams said.

But, as Dershowitz points out, the Mueller report is not merely indictment of potential criminality, but a longer political narrative that may be weaponized by a Democratic-led House to file articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

“If it was just yes or no, then you wouldn’t need a response,” Dershowitz said. “But if you get a long, long narrative, then fairness requires a response.”

The exchange started after Dershowitz advised the American people to weigh both Mueller’s report and the White House response – despite Abrams’ objections.

“This may be just the beginning,” Dershowitz said. “The Mueller report may be just a roadmap given to Congress and given to other prosecutors that will continue these investigations until the end of President Trump’s first term.

“. . . We’re going to see a rebuttal report from the Trump team, so, I think the American public should withhold final judgment until they see both reports.”

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