'Destroyed' dunes on Donald Trump's Aberdeenshire golf course to lose special status


“Most of the time, development can take place without damaging important natural features, but this was not the case in this instance.”

SNH said evidence showed around a third of the special habitats at the Menie section of the Foveran SSSI had been damaged.

She added: “The remainder of the habitats in the Menie area have been significantly fragmented, and ecological processes disrupted.”

The Trump Organisation described the announcement as a “stitch-up”, adding in a Trump-like statement from Sarah Malone, the resort’s executive vice-president, that the decision was an “utter disgrace” and that SNH had “hit an all-time low”.

She added: “To make an announcement to the media before informing us, the actual landowner, shows how politically-motivated this decision is. What other SSSI landowner is singled out in this way?


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