Did Habiba and Adam used to date in EastEnders, how do they know each other and will he cheat on Honey?


HABIBA Iqra has a giant-sized crush on dishy dentist Adam in EastEnders even though he’s in a relationship with Honey Mitchell.

But how do they know each other and will he cheat with her? Let’s find out…

Habiba has set her sights on dishy dentist Adam

Did Habiba and Adam used to date in EastEnders?

Um no. Habs was a little girl when she first knew Adam as he was a foster child of her grandparents Mariam and Arshad Ahmed.

But as Habiba keeps reminding Adam, she’s all grown up now and has her sights set firmly on him.

What is Habiba and Adam’s secret history?

Adam was previously fostered by Habiba’s grandparents Mariam and Arshad which is how he crossed paths with Habiba and her sister Iqra.

But Habiba clearly has a crush now she’s all grown up and she stalked him down to the Queen Vic after first spotting him on the Square.

Later he told Habiba that he’d seen her earlier and knew he recognised her, but it wasn’t until he saw her with Iqra that it clicked.

He revealed it had been years since they’d seen each other, and Habiba decided to flirt with him, telling him she’s a big girl now.

Will Adam cheat on Honey with Habiba?

Fans are worried that Adam might cheat on his partner Honey
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While Adam seems like one of the good guys, we know that cheating is not unusual in Soap Land.

And Habiba isn’t the sort of woman who gives up easily. She’s already putting plans to get closer to Adam into play by getting him to help out at Walford East.

She also called Adam over to the restaurant after offering to look after Honey’s kids when their dad Billy Mitchell had to rush off.

Later Habiba gave Adam a saucy kiss on the cheek, which was seen by Billy.

He then followed her into the restaurant and was clearly tempted as Habiba tried to kiss him properly.

But Adam told her he was with Honey before leaving. Will that be the end of it though?



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