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Did the clocks change last night?

Despite coronavirus throwing the world into chaos this year, nature is still sticking to its normal schedule, meaning the clocks have continued going back and forward. When the clocks go forward an hour, we enter British Summer Time (BST) or Daylight Savings Time (DST), while when they go back an hour, we revert back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Did the clocks change last night?

In short, yes, the clocks did change last night.

They went back an hour at 2am on Sunday, October 25, as is normal for the last Sunday every October.

In March, the clocks go forward one hour on the last Sunday of the month.

This year, the date fell on March 29, when Britain entered British Summer Time, meaning longer days and more time to spend outdoors.

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The clocks go back to give people an extra hour of daylight in the dark autumn and winter months ahead.

The change of time always takes place on a weekend and in the middle of the night, in a bid to cause the least disruption to people.

The idea to put the clocks back was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1784.

The scientist suggested if there was more daylight in the mornings, then people would get up earlier, therefore saving on candles.

If the motion is allowed to go through as law, member countries of the bloc could stop changing their clocks as early as 2021.

Some people argue that changing the clocks is no longer necessary since most people spend their time in well-lit homes, shops and offices, where how much daylight is received doesn’t make much difference to people’s lives.

Luckily, high standards of technology means most smart phones, laptops and other devices will adjust themselves to the right time.

But make sure you don’t miss any watches or manual clocks in your house.


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