Disgusted shoppers complain about mouldy batch of pre-mixed martinis sold in Sainsbury’s and Tesco


DISGUSTED shoppers have complained on Twitter after they bought martini mixers from Sainsbury’s and Tesco that were full of mould.

The drinks from brand Funkin came with large clumps of grey mould floating on top.

Mouldy martini
A shopper picked up this mouldy drink at Tesco
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Birmingham-based Jennifer Shipley shared pictures of the unpleasant surprise on Twitter.

She wrote: “Absolutely disgusted. Just bought this cocktail mixer from @sainsburys expiry date February 2020 and it’s full of mould!!”

Another user commented on her post saying the drink “looks more akin to a Pot Noodle”.

Sainsbury’s apologised to Jennifer and offered to give her a refund.

Mouldy martinis
The passion fruit martini mixers are made by drinks brand Funkin
Triangle News

Another user who bought the drinks at Tesco said: “@Tesco bought this yesterday for birthday drinks for a weekend away, only to be met with this vile mould!

“Absolutely disgusted by this, please contact me asap or I will be taking further.”

A Tesco spokesperson apologised to the frustrated shopper, agreeing: “I would be in the same boat myself.”

A third shopper, who didn’t want to be named, said her Easter weekend away to Suffolk with friends was ruined by the foul discovery.

She said: “We stayed in a lodge with a hot tub and got all the food and drink before we arrived so we didn’t have to leave again.

“But we were very disappointed when we opened these drinks to find vile mould at the top.

“We’d run out of alcohol and this was the last thing left, so you can imagine how upsetting this was!”

Mouldy martini

Mouldy martini

The Funkin passion fruit martini mixers are currently sold in Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, where they’ll set you back £3, £3.50 and £4 in both Tesco and Waitrose.

A spokesperson from Funkin told The Sun: “We have received a small number of consumer complaints about a batch of our Passion Fruit Funkin Shaker Packs.

“Fermentation is known to happen from time to time in fruit-based products and, while it’s unpleasant, it is not harmful to health.

“We are committed to ensuring the highest quality standards in our products and are currently investigating thoroughly.”

The Sun contacted Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose for a comment.

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