‘Disgusting’ London transport delayed because of POO and urine


Hordes of filthy passengers are delaying the capital’s transport network by defecating and urinating on trains and buses, says Transport for London (TfL).

Buses were reported as “soiled” a whopping 14,632 times in 2018, with some affected more than twice per week.

Underground Tube trains were delayed because of “soiled carriages” on 801 separate occasions.

The newly installed Night Tube services were the Underground’s worst offending lines, suggesting that drunken party-goers just couldn’t wait to the end of the service before dropping their trousers.


DISGUSTING: Poo, urine and vomit plaguing London’s transport network (Pic: Getty/Daniel Berehulak)

“It is very disgusting, especially on weekends and nights”

TfL cleaner

A furious cleaner anonymously slammed the vile behaviour, saying that weekend services we most affected.

He said: “It is very disgusting, especially on weekends and nights.”

He added that some passengers “don’t care about the cleaners”.

Last year there were more than 800 separate incidents of trains being delayed because the trains had become unacceptably dirty. More than a quarter of them – 221 – were on the Northern Line.

TfL classes a carriage as having been soiled when passengers have left vomit, urine, blood or smashed glass behind.


SOILED: Underground Tube trains were delayed because of “soiled carriages” on 801 separate (Pic: Getty)

Mick Cash, general secretary of the RMT union, said: “These shocking statistics show just what a dirty and disgusting job our cleaner members have to do.

“There is no question that the introduction of the Night Tube has seen an increase in this sort of behaviour, which has appalling consequences for staff and passengers alike.”

Cleaners on the London Underground are a “hidden army” with “mops and buckets cleaning up the filth and mess to keep London moving”, he added.

A spokesperson for TfL said: “We aim to deal with any incidents of this nature on our network as soon as possible once they are reported, with specialist staff available to undertake cleaning as required.

“We ask all customers to consider their fellow passengers and to help us to keep the network running safely and smoothly.”


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