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‘Disgusting’ mum slammed after admitting she’s been wearing £150 dresses and sending them back for NINE years


A MUM has revealed she’s been wearing and returning £150 dresses for nine years – because she doesn’t want to wear outfit twice.

Mum-of-two Chelsea, from New South Wales, Australia, said she’s worn and returned around 15 special occasion frocks – ranging in price from £83 (AUS$150) to £166 (AUS$300) plus.

A mum has been slammed for admitting she’s worn and returned clothes for NINE years – because she doesn’t want to wear the same outfit twice
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She’s certainly not alone. ASOS has been forced to threaten to blacklist serial returners – snooping on their social media accounts to see if the clothes have been worn on nights out.

But that hasn’t stopped other shoppers slamming the mum for her “disgusting” actions.

Speaking to Mamamia, Chelsea said she first returned a pre-worn outfit after a big party when she was 16, when she “had no money”, but admitted she did feel guilty about it.

She said: “I kind of felt bad about it, but it was still in really good nick and I kind of justified it in my head as, as long as there’s no damage to it, why not?


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“The way I see it, they’re not losing money. As long as that item is in really good nick then they can sell it.

“It’s kind of a win-win situation for everyone, so I don’t really feel as guilty. I still feel a tiny bit guilty, but not as much as I did.”

Since then, she’s repeated the trick for weddings, engagement parties, hen parties and other formal occasions.

She said the key is keep the frock completely clean when you wear it – as retail workers can tell if the garment’s been washed.

“If it’s dirty I won’t wash it and send it back. I’ll keep it,” she said.

She claims the shops can still re-sell clothes as long as they’re ‘in good nick’, but others say it’s ‘disgusting’ for whoever buys them next

She tends to tuck the tags into her outfit but she’ll remove them if visible, and claim they broke off when she tried the garment on.

She’s never had a refund rejected – and justifies her actions because of the pressure on women not to repeat outfits.

She said: “You wear that dress once and then that’s it, it’s done. And spending $300 for one night, I just can’t justify it.

“It’s just wasting that money that could be going towards the kids or a family holiday or something.”

According to research from online deals website Finder, one in eight shoppers have bought clothes with the intention of wearing then returning them – with cash-strapped millennials being the biggest offenders.

But readers weren’t exactly sympathetic to Chelsea’s plight. One lady commented: “Wearing and returning clothing after 1 wear is just disgusting!”

While a second wrote: “I regularly wear dresses to more than one event.

“Suggesting that there’s insurmountable pressure to buy new clothes for every event is a bit silly, and is just an excuse to justify bad behaviour!”

And a third added: “What an awful thing she’s doing. She should feel bad. She’s basically stealing! BUY CHEAPER CLOTHES.”

Another shocked reader said: “How revolting for the person who eventually buys that dress that youve already had your sweaty body in it.”

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