Dog's snout chopped off ‘for fun’ by evil drunk bloke after it begged for food






Images of a defaced pooch have surfaced after the heinous act was carried out.

The disturbing image shows the front of the dog’s snout has been brutally chopped off in an outrageous inhumane attack.

Police have condemned the monstrous act which is said to have happened in the Malaysian state of Sabah.

In a second picture, the chopped off snout can be seen on the ground, teeth in tact.

Local reports suggest the man had “committed the act for fun” after the pup had begged for food.  

The dog is being looked after by the Malaysian Animal Association, which said a vet who treated the wounded animal has recommended for it to be put down.

Arie Dwi Andika, of the association, told reporters a Daelim History S125 motorbike – worth £1,890 – will be offered as a reward to anyone who can identify the callous perpetrator. 

Police are currently investigating the incident, but sadly, no arrests have been made. 

Malaysia has had an animal welfare act in place since 1953, but it was internationally criticised for being week and under-enforced. 

In 2015, the country passed an updated welfare law strengthening protections for animal cruelty.

Despite this, animal protection in Malaysian is largely welfare-driven rather than rights-driven. 


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