Dolphin spotted JUGGLING jellyfish to the delight of holidaymakers in Denmark


A PLAYFUL dolphin has been spotted “juggling” a jellyfish in an incredible video shared online.

The footage, captured in Sønderborg harbour, Denmark shows the friendly flippered mammal tossing a jellyfish up in the air with its nose before catching it and then tossing it again.

The playful dolphin was spotted in Denmark

The footage is reported to have been captured by two awe-struck friends sailing in the beautiful Danish harbour.

The dolphin glides through the water, then lifts his head up several times, splashing around in the water.

A small jellyfish can be seen hurtling through the air as the playful dolphin races to catch it, dipping his nose underneath the water slightly so the jellyfish lands with a splash.

At one point, the dolphin appears to lose the jellyfish off to his left, and instead continues to flip his nose up and down without his jellyfish friend.

Delighted Twitter users were quick to make puns, user Richard wrote “it’s doing it on porpoise,”with another replying “I sea what you did there.”

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent and playful animals on earth, according to dolphins-world, their brains have been found to be four to five times bigger than other animals the same size.

Dolphins-world says: “[Dolphins] forms of communication are complex, evolving and diverse.

“They are creative and playful animals. Their behaviour is not mechanical or rigid; they seem to enjoy playing and look for the companionship of other individuals.

“Their empathy suggests that they experience emotions such as sadness or joy.

“There have been cases where they use tools. For example, sponges to protect your snout from rough surfaces.”

As well as loving to play, scientists have also revealed that dolphins like to get high – playing with pufferfish and getting giddy from the toxins released when the fish “puff” up.

The naughty dolphins even share the puffers with their pals.

The dolphin dips his nose back under the water, ready to catch the jellyfish with a splash
The dolphin loses the jellyfish at one point – but is having too much fun to care

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