Dominic Raab rules out tanker exchange with Iran


France and Germany have insisted the initiative be independent of American naval operations in the Gulf, which they see as part of Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran. 

“We want to see a European-led approach but in reality it shouldn’t be some kind of geopolitical EU versus US tussle,” Mr Raab said. 

“I think it would be important for the European-led initiative to have US support to make it viable.” 

Britain now has two warships in the Persian Gulf to escort British ships as they pass through the Strait of Hormuz.

The HMS Montrose, a frigate, has been in the region for several weeks while the HMS Duncan, a destroyer, arrived over the weekend. 

The two ships will act in concert briefly before the HMS Montrose is due to return to port, once again leaving Britain with only a single warship in the area.


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