Domino’s apologises as RATS filmed feasting on pizza scraps


DOMINO’S has apologised after shocked customers found rats feasting on pizza remains outside a takeaway.

The rodents were filmed eating from empty dough trays that were left outside a Domino’s shop in Liverpool city centre.

The footage was made by customers concerned about the hygiene risks caused by the scampering rats.

The trays were left outside the takeaway on London Road waiting to be picked up.

A Domino’s spokesperson said they treat cleanliness as very important.

They said: “As a store rated five stars by the Food Standards Agency we take hygiene seriously.

“We are very sorry to see this film of empty dough trays outside our premises awaiting collection.”

The chain claimed that the rats were caused by a hygiene problem off their premises.

The spokesperson continued: “Domino’s conducts strict monthly hygiene checks through external contractors and we’d like to reassure customers this is entirely an external issue.

domino’s pizza scraps rats liverpool london road apology

RATS: Hygiene concern at Domino’s takeaway (Pic: BEN SPENCE)

“It is unfortunately exasperated by neighbouring businesses.

“We’ve been in touch with Liverpool City Council to share our concerns about pest control within the neighbourhood and hope to see this issue resolved swiftly.

“As precautionary measures, we’re implementing additional pest control measures externally and will keep trays awaiting collection within our store from now on.”


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