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Donald Trump & Ivanka’s ‘unique’ relationship as he turns to her for ‘emotional support’

Donald Trump is father to five children, including Ivanka Trump. She is often seen beside him at events, rooting for her father. However, unlike other father-daughter relationships, they face the spotlight wherever they go. Body language expert Judi James has analysed a series of photos for Express.co.uk to determine what their relationship could be like. 

Ivanka Trump is her father’s senior advisor where she focuses on the education of women and their families as well as job creation.

She has been in the public eye ever since due to her father’s presidency – she has also been in the limelight more in the past few weeks with the upcoming election taking place next month. 

Since appearing by her father’s side for the past three years, their relationship is “unique,” according to body language expert Judi James. 

Looking at a series of photos where the pair can be seen in public, Judi gave an insight into what their relationship with each other may look like.

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Judi added: “With a dual-purpose relationship that was based on parent/child love plus the pressures of taking care of business, the public body language rituals between Trump and his daughter did look unique. 

“Part affection, part admiration for Ivanka as she appeared to hold up well under the presidential spotlight and the demands of the job, Trump often looked like a cross between a proud dad and a demanding boss.”

However Judi explains that whilst their relationship may be different after several years in office.

She said: “Although Ivanka was often seen standing right beside her father in the front line when he first became President, there is now often some spatial distancing between them in public and there could be two reasons for this.

“Firstly it does seem that Melania has stepped up more to flank her husband, meaning the role of FLOTUS is no longer vacant. 

“Secondly, it could be that Ivanka has been so adept at her job that Trump has increasingly been doing less micro-managing and letting her get on with the job.”

Melania is now seen at almost every event alongside her husband whereas she only ever used to appear on a handful of occasions. 

Therefore, Donald can now rely on his wife to support him in his role and Ivanka can focus on her own role in the White House. 

The President never used to be a fan of public displays of affection but this has been seen more frequently in the last year or so.

Judi explained: “After four years as President Trump does seem to be a man in need of some emotional support recently and Melania’s increased presence by his side and their frequent touch rituals suggest she is the one he has turned to for that.

“Trump still looks very keen to emphasise his affection for his daughter, though. 

“His hugging rituals have become more pronounced and expansive, with bigger ‘announcement gestures’ like walking into the hug with very wide-spread arms, to illustrate their closeness.”


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