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Donald Trump vote twice: Can you vote twice in an election? President makes STUNNING claim


Donald Trump seemed to ask voters to cast a ballot twice in North Carolina during a visit to the state yesterday, as he continues to tour around the US. The President’s recent claims added to others he has made over the last few months which suggest the postal ballot system – which most Americans will use this year – is untrustworthy. However, on the surface, his latest assertion seems more sinister than the others. 

Can you vote twice in an election?

Voters have an array of options available to them when they cast a ballot during an election.

The most common way is to vote in person, but those unable to make it to a polling station will need to cast their ballot by proxy or post.

Postal votes may make up a significant portion of ballots in 2020, as people look to avoid surging queues at polling stations.

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Speaking on CNN yesterday, he said Mr Trump was “trying to make the point that the ability to monitor this system is not good”.

But the AG claimed ignorance when asked about the state’s local laws, saying: “I don’t know what the law in the particular state says.”

The President’s aides have recently warned him against making claims about postal votes, as fears he might discourage his voter base grow.

Mr Trump will likely count on support from older voters this year, who rank as the most at risk of death from COVID-19 and as such may feel apprehensive about casting their ballot in person.


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