Donald Trump ‘wants to meet Boris Johnson first’ at G7 summit in snub to other European leaders over Brexit


DONALD Trump is planning to meet Boris Johnson first at the G7 summit to “send a signal” to other European leaders about Brexit, reports claim.

The two leaders are off to a “roaring start” and have already had five or six phone calls, according to Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton.

Donald Trump is planning to meet Boris Johnson first at the G7 summit
Donald Trump is planning to meet Boris Johnson first at the G7 summit
The PM met with Donald Trump’s adviser John Bolton on Monday
John Bolton

Mr Bolton hailed relations between Britain and the US on Monday, saying they are “on course for an unprecedented partnership”.

The US said it would be ready to carry out fast-track sector deals immediately after Britain leaves the European Union.

Despite this offer, Mr Johnson insisted the most important Brexit deal is one with the European Union after we leave.

The Times reported that Mr Trump is planning a show of support to Britain at the upcoming G7 in Biarritz.

The US President wants to hold a bilateral meeting with Mr Johnson ahead of the host – French President Emmanuel Macron – according to reports.

This is understood to be a “signal of intent” about the importance of a post-Brexit trade deal.

The G7 summit, which starts on August 24, will also be attended by Angela Merkel, the German chancellor and Giuseppe Conte, the Italian premier.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, and Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, are also expected to attend.

Speaking on Monday, Mr Bolton said the White House will back the UK “enthusiastically” whatever the Brexit outcome.

He said: “That’s my message. We’re with you, we’re with you.”

Mr Bolton also criticised former president Barack Obama, who backed David Cameron’s Remain campaign during the referendum.

He said: “A past president said the UK will go to the back of the queue. From as far as the Trump administration is concerned, Britain is constantly at the front of the queue. Or line, as we say.”

Mr Johnson yesterday stressed that he wanted to do trade with countries all over the world once we’re free of the bloc.

But the PM said the “single biggest deal” will be one with the EU.

Speaking on a trip to Leeds prison to launch a fresh crackdown on crime, he said that he hoped we could open up Britain’s services companies to America in future.

He told the media: “I want to see trade with our European neighbours and I want to see trade with countries around the world – we have fantastic opportunities to open that up.

“In fact, the US market is growing very fast for the UK, but they still ban haggis for heaven’s sake in the United States.”

However, he insisted: “The single biggest deal we need to get is with our friends and partners over the channel.”

The US would be “tough negotiators” when we come down to the detail of trade talks, he warned.

“Yes, it will be a tough old haggle, but we will get there,” the PM added.

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