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Donald Trump’s former advisor issues stark warning ‘remember him as a one-term president’


Mr Bolton said Trump has little consideration for facts and that his strategies are not based around “philosophy, grand strategy, or policy”, but that they only revolve around his own political gain. Enquired how Trump will be remembered historically, Mr Bolton said: “I hope it will remember him as a one-term president who didn’t plunge the country irretrievably into a downward spiral we can’t recall from.

”We can get over one term. I have absolute confidence – even if it’s not the miracle of a conservative Republican being elected in November. Two terms, I’m more troubled about.

“But I’m really troubled about the absence as well of a viable national security wing in the Democratic Party.

“So this is an election for me of a choice of two unacceptable alternatives. And it’s not one I relish.”

Mr Bolton told ABC News that the president is not appropriate for the job, lacks “the competence to carry out the job,” and is not a “conservative Republican.”

“I’m not gonna vote for him in November,” Mr Bolton said. “Certainly not going to vote for Joe Biden either.”

“I’m going to figure out a conservative Republican to write in. But this comes back to the point of why I wrote the book.”

Mr Bolton on Sunday refuted claims that he intends to vote for Joe Biden.

He confessed during an interview with The Daily Telegraph on Sunday that he does not intend to vote for Trump this coming election.

However, a spokesperson for Mr Bolton told Axios that the news outlet reported that the Republican would vote for a Democrat.

“This statement is incorrect. The Ambassador never said he planned to vote for Joe Biden.” Mr Bolton’ spokesperson Sarah Tinsley said in a written communication to Axios.

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“My concern is for the country, and he does not represent the Republican cause that I want to back.”

Mr Bolton added: “The president does not have a philosophical grounding or strategy.

“He does not know the difference between the national interest of the US, and the interests of Donald Trump.

“There is confusion over the national interest and his personal interest, which is very dangerous for the country.”

“When you are in a senior position you have an obligation to tell the truth,” he added.


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