Dozens of live pangolins found hidden on bus in Vietnam


Dozens of live pangolins smuggled from Laos were discovered “dehydrated and weak” on a bus in central Vietnam, police and conservationists said Tuesday, in a country where the endangered mammals are a highly-prized delicacy.

The small, docile pangolin is the most trafficked animal in the world, and is found across Asia and Africa, with one snatched from the wild every five minutes, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

In Vietnam pangolin meat is considered high-end and hard to find and their scales are used in traditional medicine to treat allergies and impotence.

Police on Monday found 30 pangolins stuffed into boxes on a bus in Ha Tinh province, arresting the driver and his wife on suspicion of trafficking the animals from Laos.

Four were already dead and many of the surviving animals were in bad shape, said Truong Van Truong from the NGO Save Vietnam’s Wildlife.


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