Drivers could get penalty points for not wearing seat belts as Government reviews rules


Failing to wear a seat belt could soon result in drivers getting slapped with points on their licences as the Government is considering a change in the law. 

At present drivers can be fined up to £500 for failing to wear a seat belt, but under the change which would bring the offense in line with mobile phone use, they could also be forced to accept points on their license.

The Department for Transport told the Daily Telegraph it is actively considering whether to implement the policy change as part of its upcoming Road Safety Action Plan.

Road Safety Minister, Jesse Norman, said: “Failure to wear a seat belt is illegal and dangerous, and can have devastating consequences.

“The Government has been actively looking at whether to introduce penalty points to help stop this reckless behaviour as part of the upcoming Road Safety Action Plan. 

It comes as new research from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals the British public overwhelmingly support the introduction of penalty points for those found not to be wearing a seat belt when driving, with 72 per cent saying they back a change to the law. 


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