Drones to be used in crackdown on cowboy builders ripping off homeowners


DRONES are to be used in council crackdowns on cowboy builders ripping off homeowners across the country.

The controversial flying eyes are to be used by council staff investigating botched jobs by rogue workmen.

Inspectors will get live streams of roofs and other hard to reach areas by cameras fitted the drones.

Cowboy builders cost the UK economy £10billion a year according to the Federation of Master Builders.

CRACKDOWN: Councils are going to start using drones in a bid to stop cowboy builders (Pic: Getty )

Councils want to use drones to build evidence against dodgy workmen to prove they have breached planning controls.

North Yorkshire County Council is one of the first authorities to start using the technology in this way.

Martin O’Neill, head of planning and standards at the council, told The Mirror: “It’s a useful addition to the tools available to the county council, enabling us to make more efficient use of our limited resources and to enhance health and safety.”

EYES IN THE SKY: There has been a big increase in the popularity of drones (Pic: Getty)

“It’s a useful addition to the tools available to the county council”

Martin O’Neill, North Yorkshire County Council

If the scheme works well it is expected other councils will join suit and begin flying eyes in the sky.

Homeowners are always encouraged to check the background of workers before hiring them.

It comes amid a surge in the number of complaints about botched jobs and overpriced workmen.

Earlier this year it was revealed that rip off merchants would be named in a new database in a bid to combat the appalling number of people being scammed.

The nationwide blacklist, believed to be the first of its kind, will contain the names of dodgy traders who have criminal records for cheating customers.

Hotspot areas for dodgy builders are Kent, Essex and County Durham, according to website PropertyHeads.


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