Dubai sheikh posts cryptic poem as wife Princess Haya attends court for start of custody battle


The verse, called ‘Live or Die’, includes the line: “You no longer have a place with me. I don’t care if you live or die.”

However, in the latest poem released on Tuesday, it has locally been interpreted as an ode to the UAE’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, or MBZ as he is known in the region.

“He (his Excellency) has shining swords with sharp blades. In their sheaths, they can cut if drawn,” he wrote on his official Instagram page. “For confronting and keeping away the enemies, he has many soldiers. He has protected heroes so that nobody will conspire against them.”

In Arabic, he appears to be speaking figuratively but it could be viewed as a veiled threat, possibly to regional enemies such as Iran or Qatar, with whom the UAE has had strained relations in recent years.

Sheikh Maktoum suggests the UAE has not shown its true power and asks what would happen if this sword were ever to be used.

The sheikh, thought to have more than 20 children by six wives, is known regularly to write poetry.

Before he and his sixth wife split earlier this year, they were often photographed together with the Queen, a friendship cultivated from their shared passion for horses. 


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