Home News Earthquake news: Iceland threatened by Volcanic eruption after thousands of quakes recorde

Earthquake news: Iceland threatened by Volcanic eruption after thousands of quakes recorde


Grimsvotn volcano has witnessed increased seismic activity in the past month and Iceland’s most active volcano could erupt soon, experts say.

Iceland’s meteorological service IMO announced on Monday that 3,000 tremors had taken place on the northern coast of the country.

The capital of Reykjavik recorded the largest warning, with one of three quakes – which measured over magnitude 5 – recorded in the capital.

The quakes epicenter was situated a short distance from a small village of 1,200 people, and several dozen kilometers from Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland.

Akureyi boasts a population of nearly 20,000.

A Government institution suggested that at this stage the recordings were nothing to be worried about.

The institution said: “Compared to previous earthquake swarms in the area it is expected that this swarm will continue during the coming days.

IMO attributed the risk during an eruption to flooding from melting ice.

IMO said: “The possibility of an eruption triggered by a glacial flood, which could occur in the coming weeks or months, has to be considered.”

Another eruption occurred in Eyjafjallajokull in 2010, engulfing the skies in a huge cloud of ash.

The sea of smoke and ash mean more than 100,000 flights were cancelled.

The event also left eight million passengers stranded.

Scientists estimate that if an eruption was to occur in the Grimsvotn, the volcano wouldn’t cause similar damage to Eyjafjallajokull.

Iceland is situated on the boundary of the North American Plate and the Eurasian plate.

The mid Atlantic Ridge runs through the middle of the boundary, propping up a series of moving tectonic and volcanic zones.


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