EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell wants to replace gangster dad Phil, reveals Max Bowden


BEN Mitchell will want to replace his dad Phil when he returns to Walford in EastEnders.

The mechanic – who will now be played by actor Max Bowden in the BBC soap – will make his Walford comeback next week and The Sun Online’s Soap Bubble can reveal he will want to become his dad in the family business.

Max has revealed Ben’s much darker than he was before and he wants to be on top

Viewers watched in shock tonight as a desperate Phil tried to steal The Arches from Ben in his absence, seemingly only stopped when Kathy Beale caught him.

It will force Kathy into action and she will beg Ben to return home to save his dad, but she may wish she hadn’t in the end.

Actor Max revealed Ben’s not the same guy he was when he left last year, and he wants to be number one.

He told Soap Bubble: “Ben always wants to be the best – he wants to be the top in whatever way.

Ben comes home to find Phil in a dire financial situation
However he teams up with his dad to get the family back on track
Does Ben have different plans for his dad?

“I think he does look at Phil as that top and so I guess there is learning from Phil.”

In his time away, Ben has been living in Portugal and been working on his own criminal empire to help rebuild the Mitchell name there.

“Dodginess is a great word isn’t it?” he laughed describing Ben’s actions abroad.

“He’s been working with a few people in Portugal, he’s kind of built himself up a little friendship base there.

Ben returns alongside Lola, the mother of his daughter
The three have become an unusual new family

“He’s been kind of working with a bit of dodgy deals in himself, which is has kind of spurred him on I think to help the clan again. ”

He added: “I think he’s always been around it, being a Mitchell, the kind of idea of dodgy dealings has always been there.

“So I think that he’s not completely recluse to it, he’s not against the idea of making money in potentially wrong ways, because he wants to help his dad and he wants to prove he can be an asset to that as well.”

But with Phil in dire straits financially and not exactly at top form, Ben’s going to have his work cut out to help his old man rebuild the family business so there’s something he can take over one day.


He said: “I don’t think he expects it to be as bad as it is. He looks at his dad on a pedestal, and then to see Phil failing is not something that he was expecting.”

Max added: “The element of family is something that Ben is coming back for.

“With Lola and Lexi coming back to the Square where his whole family are, Ben certainly doesn’t want to see his dad failing at this point. I think he wants to support in anyway he can, which is always easy.

“He’s definitely an ally in terms of building Phil up.”

Ben’s return will see him attempt to rebuild the Mitchell criminal empire
Ben will return with his daughter Lexi

The father and son have had their differences over the years with Ben murdering Heather Trott, and Phil refusing to accept and support his son as a gay man.

But that’s all set to change as in his time away Ben has fully accepted who he is, and that in turn will force Phil to accept it.

“I think in terms of sexuality, Ben is very more open with the fact that he is gay and he is very, very okay with it,” Max explained.


“He’s come back and he’s accepted who he is. He has accepted the kind of different lifestyle and I think that is helped by Phil’s attitude to it as well.

“He was starting to come to terms with it, starting to understand the concept of his son not being what he expected him to be and I think that definitely has helped Ben be open with his dad as well.”

  • Max will make his EastEnders debut on Monday night at 8pm on BBC One

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