EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell furious as daughter Louise reveals she’s keeping Keanu Taylor’s baby


Phil Mitchell’s on the warpath in EastEnders next week when his daughter Louise tells him she’s not having a termination and plans to give birth to Keanu Taylor’s baby.

Tensions between dad and daughter are at an all time high after Phil – Walford legend Steve McFadden – finds out the teenager’s secret in upcoming episodes of the BBC One.

Louise is expecting a child with Keanu, but Ben has been roped in by Phil to convince her not to keep the baby
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He makes things worse when he suggests he pays for her to have an abortion.

But Louise (Tilly Keeper) is horrified at his suggestion and tells her dad that she’s keeping the baby.

She also tells him that if he tells Keanu, she’ll make it common knowledge that he paid Keanu to date her.

But Phil isn’t deterred and is determined to make Louise change her mind about the pregnancy.

Louise will keep her baby with Keanu
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Louise shuts down Ben when he tries to talk her out of having a baby
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He tells son Ben – newcomer Max Bowden – that Louise is pregnant with Keanu’s baby and asks him to use daughter Lexi to show her the reality of parenting.

Ben goes to see Louise, but she sees straight through his efforts to deter her and doesn’t hold back, giving him a stern reality check.

Earlier this month Keanu actor Danny Walters teased a bloody end for his character, who has bedded Phil Mitchell’s wife and daughter.

Speaking previously on This Morning to Soap Queen Sharon Marshall, Danny revealed what would happen when Phil discovered the truth.

Ben is furious with his daughter for wanting to keep the baby

He said: “There’s gonna come a crunch when he finds out and when he does who knows what’s going to happen.”

Attempting to explain how his character became entangled in such a mess, he added: “I think it always started with Sharon but it’s very complicated.

“He’s trying to create a good life with Louise but that past he has with Sharon is a big problem when trying to move on with his life. ”

And despite Louise giving Keanu the cold shoulder and recently telling him that she had aborted their baby, actress Tilly insisted Louise is still very much in love with the troubled character.

Phil tries to pay Louise to have an abortion
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She explained: “He’s her first true love as well and, despite appearances, she’s just furious with him.

“She loves him but she won’t show it because, of course, Phil paid Keanu to be with her at first.”

Teasing more explosive storylines, she continued: “I think this pregnancy storyline is showing a new side to Louise a really lovely mature side.

“She’s claiming responsibility for her actions but of course the storyline isn’t over.”

Sharon and Keanu have been enjoying an affair behind Phil's back for months
Sharon and Keanu have been enjoying an affair behind Phil’s back for months


She added: “It’s not just, ‘OK, she’s pregnant and she’s split up with Keanu,’ there are lots of twists to come and so many curve balls being thrown their way – I can’t keep up.”

Tilly also admitted she was more excited than she’s ever been about being on the show thanks to the exciting new storylines being written up by the show’s new bosses, who include ex Corrie producer Kate Oates.

She enthused: “We’re just really excited about the new stories the story team have come up with it’s been a great atmosphere always but now we get a script it’s like, ‘Oo gosh what’s happening next’.”

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