EastEnders viewers heartbroken as a devastated Sean Slater discovers Roxy Mitchell is dead


EASTENDERS viewers were left heartbroken tonight as a devastated Sean Slater discovered Roxy Mitchell is dead.

EastEnders fans will remember the last time Sean saw Roxy was back in 2009 after finding out Jack Branning was Amy baby’s biological dad – not him.

EastEnders viewers were left heartbroken tonight as a devastated Sean Slater discovered Roxy Mitchell is dead

Distraught, he tried to end his life along with Roxy and Amy’s by driving them all into a frozen lake but thankfully they all survived.

However, Sean soon left the Square, before making a shock return on Friday.

In tonight’s episode, Sean chatted to Amy after kidnapping her from school, before coming face to face with Jack.

He asked to see Roxy, and when he didn’t immediately reply, Sean added: “She’s not still got the hump with me has she?

Sean had kidnapped Amy Branning, not realising her mum Roxy was dead
Sean was taken to the graveside by Jack Branning
Jack filled Sean in on how the sisters died

“It’s been 10 years you’d think she’d have got over it.”

Jack doesn’t tell him Roxy died two years ago, and takes him to the graveside instead.

Sean looks stunned as Jack lays into his deceased ex, saying: “Your precious Roxy was coked out of her brain and thought it would be a good idea to go swimming in the hotel pool.

“Her heart gave out, she pumped it so full of gear. Ronnie jumped into save her, neither came out.”

His face twisting with rage, Jack added: “Two of them dead, and only one of them whose life was worth anything.”

Sean then punched Jack, before the pair got into a fight by the gravestone.

After they calmed down, Sean joked: “Enjoyed that didn’t ya?”

Ronnie and Roxy drowned in a swimming pool on Ronnie’s wedding day to Jack
The men got into a fight, with Jack coming out on top
Jack threatened Sean with a spade at one point

Jack replied: “Yeah I’ve been waiting 10 years for that.”

He then asked Sean why he was back, and he said it was to “make amends before it’s too late.”

After Jack left, Sean sat beside the grave and apologised to his late wife.

Sean said he had returned to make amends

Putting his wedding ring back on, he added sadly: “I’m going to fix it, I’ll be with you soon.”

Viewers were horrified by Sean’s ominous words, with one writing: “I’ll be with you soon? Sean’s dying?”

Another added: “I’ll be with you soon” OMG does that mean Sean’s actually back cos he’s dying?”

A third tweeted: “Hold up, did he just just say he’d be with them soon?”

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