EastEnders viewers horrified as Ruby Allen tracks down her sexual assault victim


RUBY Allen horrified EastEnders viewers tonight as she tracked down her sexual assault victim and confronted him.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Louisa Lytton in the BBC soap – was arrested in last night’s episode and tonight it was revealed her accuser was a former employee she had pressured into sleeping with her and fired him after he ended it.

Ruby Allen went to meet the man she ‘sexually assaulted’

She tracked Blake down in tonight’s episode demanding he tell her her own rapists had put him up to it.

But it soon became clear they had nothing to do with it and in fact Ruby had used her position and power to force Blake into sleeping with her to keep his job.

He told her: “We both know I am not lying. It’s taken me a long time to process it, to see it as what it was.”

Ruby told him to “get a grip” and insisted their sleeping together was consensual, but in fact it was anything but.

Blake told her that she had assaulted him at an office Christmas party

“You were my boss,” he told her as Shirley Carter listened in.

“Don’t you remember the office Christmas party. The way you came onto me. You kept rubbing up against me, telling me I was your Christmas bonus.

“I wasn’t laughing. You kept touching me and grabbing my bum. I thought if I didn’t have sex with you then I’d get fired. I was right, wasn’t I? Because when it ended you fired me.”

He added: “I know I wasn’t great at the job, and that’s why I had to go along with your advances and make myself have sex with you.”

Ruby didn’t believe that she could do anything like that
Blake described the impact her actions had on him

She followed him to the station and demanded he tell her that her rapists weren’t involved and to know who put him up to it.

He told her: “You have to know, someone did put me up to it – my girlfriend. She was the one who made me see it for what it was – sexual assault.

“She’s right, I have to face up what happened and you’ve got to be made to realise that you can’t get away with it.”

An upset Ruby told him: “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I had no idea. I’ll leave you alone, you do what you feel is right.”






But viewers weren’t impressed with Ruby’s behaviour and took to Twitter to share their horror.

One said: “Quite refreshing to see sexual harassment from a male perspective definitely in today’s social climate #EastEnders

Another added: “#Eastenders touching on some real life stuff #SexualAssault goes both ways”

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