eBay: ‘Rare and collectible’ Beatrix Potter coin is selling for £2750 – but watch out


The bidding site, eBay, is often updated with commemorative coins that are put on sale.  Although some of these are uploaded for a bargain price, others sell for much more than face value.  Recently, one eBay user uploaded a Beatrix Potter 150th anniversary 50p coin with the whopping starting price of £2750.  The seller described the coin as “rare” but it may not actually be worth that much.

The seller, “nicoladiamond3” put the coin up for sale and uploaded four pictures of the 50 pence piece.

In the post, they wrote: “Beatrix Potter 50p coin 2016 circulated rare and collectible.”

The coin on offer is the Beatrix Potter 150th anniversary coin from the 2016 collection.

Beatrix Potter coins were first released in 2016 to mark the anniversary of her birth and new ones have been issued each year since.

If hoping to purchase this one, buyers will be treated to free standard delivery.

The 50p is described as “rare” but this may not be the case.

In fact, it is likely the coin is only worth a tiny £2, as it is given that valuation by experts and the publication Spend It? Save It? What Should You Do?

The coin has a mintage of 6,900,000 meaning there were millions of the coins originally produced.

The website, Change Checker, gave the coin the rating of ‘two’ on the scarcity index, which makes it common.

Although the commemorative coin may be of great interest to many, it does not seem to be worth the huge asking price it has been given.


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