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Election Cliffhanger: Poland’s President on the verge of being re-elected


The information comes from a late exit poll, which shows the President, backed by the conservative Law and Justice party, inching ahead. It says on the IPSOS poll that President Duda has obtained 51 per cent of the vote. While his opponent, centrist Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski of the Civic Platform party, had 49 per cent.

The poll, released at around 2am local time, has a 1-percentage-point margin of error.

Late Sunday night Poland’s electoral commission had announced it would not be releasing partial vote counts as it was too close to call.

Instead, they are only going to make a final announcement once all the ballots have been counted either on Monday or Tuesday.

It’s a sign of the country’s deep divisions, with about half of voters keen to continue with President Duda.

He leads a government who is currently trying to radically restructure Poland, while the other half wants to move the country in a more pro-European direction.

Mr Duda’s campaign aimed at galvanising his conservative base by promising continued generous social welfare policies.

And he’s also managed to win over conservative voters with his attacks on the “LGBT ideology.”

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Trzaskowski largely appealed to people concerned about PiS’s efforts to politicize institutions like the courts; an opposition president would be able to veto the party’s initiatives.

Poland’s incumbent President Andrzej Duda won the first round of the presidential election.

Liberal Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski finished second.

The second-round fight on July 12 was set to be very close.


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Despite the close call, that didn’t stop both candidates from declaring victory on Sunday night.

“Thank you from all my heart,” Duda told his supporters.

“Winning a presidential election … is amazing news. I’m very moved.”

Trzaskowski told his own backers: “We said it would be close and it is close, but I’m absolutely convinced that we’ll win.”

The statistical dead heat in the earlier exit polls prompted frantic calculation as to which candidate has the edge.

According to the latest exit poll, the turnout in Sunday’s run-off vote was 67.9 per cent.


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