Electric scooter victims to sue Paris authorities as they demand end to 'anarchy in the streets'


Victims of electric scooter accidents presented demands for stricter rules to end “anarchy in the streets” in a meeting with French Transport Ministry officials on Monday.

Leaders of a group of about 60 victims said they planned to sue the Paris authorities for negligence over the rising number of people being injured as electric scooters, or “trottinettes”, gain popularity.

Paris and other French cities are plagued by accidents, often causing serious injuries, as scooter riders collide with pedestrians or other vehicles.

Britain’s first death in an electric scooter crash occurred last month in south London. Emily Hartridge, a TV presenter and YouTube star, was killed in a collision with a lorry.

Electric scooters have become a runaway success in less than a year in France, with 20,000 now available for hire in Paris, but pedestrians are increasingly concerned about the danger they pose.


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