Emmerdale fans horrified as paedophile Maya Stepney kisses Jacob Gallagher after he projectile vomits


EMMERDALE fans were horrified as paedophile Maya Stepney kissed Jacob Gallagher after he projectile vomited.

The teenager was celebrating his 16th birthday when things got messy in the Dales.

Fans were again outraged tonight on Emmerdale with Maya and Jacob’s behaviour

The pair are currently embroiled in an illegal affair, and things took a turn for the worse as they celebrated his birthday with his family and friends.

It all started when Maya told Jacob that she didn’t want to see him anymore and he decided to get drunk.

After drinking vodka he then decided to reveal some home truths to the partygoers.

But just as he was about to reveal all about their illegal affair,  he was sick all over the floor.

Maya kissed the teen, despite the fact he had just been sick

His dad David Metcalfe then took him home with Maya, and gave him a good telling off.

But it was later when Maya went up to his room to talk to him that viewers were disgusted.

The evil school teacher kissed the teenager, despite him just being sick.

Viewers took to Twitter to vent their repulsion at this.

The schoolboy was sick after downing vodka




One said: “Maya and Jacob. Yuck anyway, but my mum said “eugh, has he cleaned his teeth, he’s just been sick!” #Emmerdale.”

Another tweeted: “Maya kissing Jacob yet again (followed by sick emojis).”

This one said: “I hope Jacob hadn’t brushed his teeth between being sick and kissing Maya. Vomit breath is the very least she deserves #Emmerdale.”

Fans were equally outraged last night and said they “couldn’t watch” as  Maya kissed a topless Jacob after persuading him to have sex with her.

Last night fans were outraged as Maya seduced a topless Jacob


Yesterday the sick teacher stopped herself from bedding the 15-year-old schoolboy, but only after the pair stripped off in his room.

Maya – who is dating his dad – spotted a picture of Jacob and David on the teenager’s shelf and suddenly changed her mind.

But later, as his family discussed plans for his 16th birthday party, she whispered to him that they will try again.

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