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EU ‘fighting desperately like wounded animal’ to stop other countries leaving after Brexit


The Tory MP accused Brussels of “not playing by the rules” in trade talks with Britain. He added the EU fears the UK making a success of Brexit as it could spark the “collapse” of the bloc.

Mr Fabricant highlighted France, Italy and Sweden as possible countries that could follow Britain out of the EU.

His comments come as Boris Johnson has sparked controversy with his UK Internal Market Bill, which could flout the Brexit divorce deal the Prime Minister struck with Brussels last October.

Mr Fabricant told Express.co.uk: “Like a wounded animal, the EU is fighting desperately to protect itself from further countries leaving.

“They are fighting in a particularly vicious way and it just is not in Britain’s interests to play cricket when the EU are not playing by the rules.

“The EU knows that if the UK makes an economic success of Brexit – and all the signs are that it will – other countries such as France, Italy and Sweden who have strong exit movements might also leave, which would initiate a collapse of the whole trading bloc.”

The Lichfield MP is backing the new Brexit legislation.

In a tweet, Mr Fabricant said: “For the #EU to threaten the #UK that it will prevent food being sent to Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom is wholly unacceptable.

“The Government must now introduce its own backstop to prevent this and the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill does just that.”

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Opening the debate on the Bill in the House of Commons this afternoon, Mr Johnson urged MPs to support the legislation in order to “guarantee the economic and political integrity of the United Kingdom”.

The Prime Minister said: “This House should act to preserve the crucial achievements of the last three centuries, namely our British ability to trade freely across the whole of these islands.”

He went on to accuse Brussels of going to “extreme and unreasonable lengths” over the Northern Ireland Protocol which could lead to “blockading food and agriculture transports within our own country”.

Mr Johnson said: “I regret to have to tell the House that in recent months the EU has suggested that it is willing to go to extreme and unreasonable lengths using the Northern Ireland Protocol in a way that goes well beyond common sense simply to exert leverage against the UK in our negotiations for a free trade agreement.

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“To take the most glaring example the EU has said that if we fail to reach an agreement to their satisfaction they might very well refuse to list the UK’s food and agricultural products for sale anywhere in the EU.

“And it gets even worse. Because under this protocol that decision would create an instant and automatic prohibition on the transfer of our animal products from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

“Our interlocutors on the other side are holding out the possibility of blockading food and agriculture transports within our own country.”

He insisted no prime minister could accept the EU threatening to “carve tariff borders” across the UK.

Mr Johnson told MPs: “They are threatening to carve tariff borders, tariff borders across our own country and to divide our own land and to change the basic facts about the economic geography of the United Kingdom and egregiously to ride roughshod over their own commitment under Article 4 of the protocol whereby, and I quote, ‘Northern Ireland is part of the customs territory of the United Kingdom’.

“We cannot have a situation where the very boundaries of our country could be dictated by a foreign power or international organisation.

“No British prime minister, no government, no parliament could ever accept such an imposition.”

Informal trade negotiations between the UK and the EU are due to continue this week, with chief negotiators Lord Frost and Michel Barnier meeting on Tuesday.


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