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EU nations will not 'cut off nose to spite face' in Brexit trade talks – 'They need fish!'


June Mummery told Express.co.uk that Britain could cope with a no deal Brexit if the UK and the European Union fail to agree to terms on a post-Brexit trade deal. Ms Mummery added that Britain needs to take back control of its waters in order to build sustainable fisheries for present and future generations.  

The former Brexit Party MEP said: “I think the outcome of a no deal Brexit would be fine, we will cope.

“Especially in the fishing sector we will cope, look at how we’re all coping now and working together through this pandemic, it’s marvellous.

“I think with a no deal Brexit we will still trade.

“The French will still want our fish, the French have got big factories and people to pay so they will still want our fish.

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“The Dutch have got big factories and people to pay, they won’t cut their nose to spite their faces because they know they need fish so these big factories can keep going.

“That is just common sense, nobody will say ‘we don’t want your fish, let’s close our factories down’ they will need us.”

She added: “They need us a lot more than we need them.

“We are going to rebuild our industry and we will continue to work with our neighbours, but things are going to change.

“That will hurt the Dutch but at the end of the day, they have had years and years of abusing our waters.

“They have had years and years of making money off UK waters and now that is it.

“It is over, those days are done and we now need to rebuild our industry, creating thousands of jobs for the people in this country.”


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