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Europe coronavirus panic: WHO issues new alert ahead of ‘tricky’ period


Health officials have been urged to be particularly aware of the transmission of COVID-19 among children and the impact of winter flu. Director of the WHO’s European region, Dr Hans Kluge, said the pandemic was far from over and is resurging throughout Europe. However, Mr Kluge did say that he didn’t think the situation would go back to the seriousness of earlier this year when hospitals were overwhelmed and death tolls were high.

Many European countries have seen a rise in cases in the last two weeks.

France and Spain have seen particularly big increases.

Dr Kluge said: “In February we were caught by the speed and devastation of the virus and the default was to lock down and reboot.

“Now we are much more sophisticated in our knowledge of what works.

“We have learned about the transmission of the virus, particularly the role of aerosols and we know more about prevention.

“We are seeing an increased emphasis on face coverings, particularly in situations where people cannot socially distance.

“And we have also built our capacity in terms of our ability to find, track, trace, isolate and support cases on a much more granular basis.”

WHO also urged hotels to reduce their occupancy rates so they can ensure social distancing guidelines can be adhered to.

More than 800,000 people across the world have died as a result of COVID-19.


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