Home News ‘Everybody dies!’: Maskless woman booted from plane coughs on passengers

‘Everybody dies!’: Maskless woman booted from plane coughs on passengers

Wild video shows a plane passenger going berserk after being booted off her Scotland-bound flight for refusing to wear a face mask — coughing on other passengers and yelling, “Everybody dies!”

The footage — shot by another passenger on Sunday’s EasyJet flight from Belfast, Ireland, to Edinburgh — shows the woman losing her cool when a flight attendant approaches her to escort her from the plane.

“Everybody dies, you know that?!” the woman yells at the flight attendant. “Every f–king body dies, whether it’s corona or not! Everybody dies!”

The woman then walks briskly down the aisle of the plane while coughing on fellow passengers, video shows.

“Everybody dies, that’s the only thing that’s real!” the unidentified woman continues in the clip.

Another passenger onboard told the Edinburgh News the woman asked for a row to herself before the incident.

“The EasyJet staff were really good at handling it,” the man told the outlet. “They accommodated her when she asked for a row of seat to herself, then they politely asked her to wear a mask. She just started shouting.”

Another passenger told the irate woman to “get a life” and “wise up,” the man told the newspaper.

The woman was arrested by airport police in Belfast, the Edinburgh News reported.

An EasyJet spokesperson, meanwhile, confirmed that an unruly passenger was removed from Sunday’s flight for disruptive behavior and refusing to put on a mask.

“In line with EASA guidelines, all passengers are currently required to bring their own face covering for their flight which must be worn during boarding and onboard, except when eating or drinking,” the statement read. “We will not tolerate disruptive behavior towards other passengers and crew.”


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