Extreme hoarder failed to clean his home for 30 YEARS as Call the Cleaners team forced to use hammer and chisel to remove thick dirt


A HOARDER’S home was deemed a health hazard after a cleaning team had to remove grime with a hammer and chisel.

Extreme cleaning team Yvonne and Angela were horrified when they visited the two bedroom house that hadn’t been cleaned in three decades.


There was so much rubbish inside the house that it filled three skips during the clean[/caption]


The floor was so thick with dirt that had built up over three decades that the pair had to use a hammer and chisel to break through[/caption]

The hoarder’s pad in Tamworth, Staffordshire, is featuring in tomorrow’s episode of ITV’s Call The Cleaners.

As well as hammering away at 30 years worth of grime from the floor, the clear-out of the unnamed pensioner’s home filled three skips of rubbish.

Once they arrived at the property, the sisters were speechless by the state of the house, admitting that the smell was overwhelming.


The heavy-duty work tools smash through the thick mounds of dirt that had been stamped into the pensioner’s floor.

The siblings came to help the elderly man who had struggled to keep on top of the cleaning – to the point where he was facing eviction from the property if it was not sorted.

The sitting room and bedrooms were littered with bags and boxes of clutter, clothes and rubbish – piling as high as the ceiling.

Adding to the gruesome state, there was a bucket of urine in the kitchen and the cooker had inches of burnt on dirt.

One of the sisters exclaims: “That is urine- that bucket is the downstairs toilet!

“I’m actually speechless for the first time in my life.

That is urine- that bucket is the downstairs toilet!

Yvonne, one half of the extreme cleaning team

“This job still manages to shock us every time we go somewhere new.”

Looking around, she adds: “I just don’t know where to start as everywhere is bad”.

However, the pair remained positive, saying that despite the heavy job they would be able to crack it.

The pair had to sift through mountains of belongings to make sure they didn’t throw anything valuable away – including £200 cash hidden away in an old cotton bud box.

“Normally when we clean up older people’s houses we do find money stashed away in envelopes but we haven’t found any stashed inside a cotton bud box before.”

After three days of hard graft, the cleaning duo had transformed the home from a dump to a clean and bright living space.

Yvonne said: “The job is finally done and hopefully the gentleman will return and be able to live comfortably for many years.”


The pair had to hammer away at the thick dirt that had collected on the floor[/caption]


They said that the smell was incredibly strong, making their work even more challenging[/caption]


The sisters were horrified to see a bucket of urine in the kitchen – calling it the pensioner’s downstairs toilet[/caption]


The kitchen had also accumulated a shocking build up of junk[/caption]


The two-bedroom house had collected dirt after not being cleaned for 30 years[/caption]


The TV cleaners had to manoeuvre around piles of boxes, clothes and other random bits[/caption]


The look on their faces say it all, they said that they were left speechless by the state of the home[/caption]


Amazingly they were able to transform the living room into a clean and tidy living space for the elderly gentleman[/caption]


The garden had also become out of control, with bin bags left in a huge pile[/caption]

The episode will air on tomorrow’s Call The Cleaners on ITV


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