Facebook 'to be digital GRAVEYARD' as dead user accounts to 'outnumber living profiles'


FACEBOOK could become a digital graveyard as “ghost accounts” of dead users could outnumber living profiles, researchers claim.

The social media site could become a “digital graveyard” by the end of the century if current expansion rates continue, it’s warned.

Scientists at the University of Oxford have predicted that based on current website numbers and global death rates, 1.4billion Facebook users will die by 2100. 

This would mean the website would be a social media morgue by 2070, with more dead accounts than active profiles. 

RESEARCH: Oxford researchers have made staggering claims about the future of Facebook (Pic: GETTY )

“Controlling this archive will, in a sense, be to control our history”

Oxford researcher John Watson

If Facebook continues to expand the number of dead users could topple to 4.9 billion by the end of this century. 

Oxford researchers Carl Öhman and John Watson warn the shocking new statistics should shape how we look at our social media heritage.

Mr Watson told ITV: “Never before in history has such a vast archive of human behaviour and culture been assembled in one place.

facebook graveyard mark zuckerberg iphone

GRAVEYARD: Dead user Facebook accounts could out number living ones (Pic: GETTY)

“Controlling this archive will, in a sense, be to control our history. It is therefore important that we ensure that access to these historical data is not limited to a single for-profit firm.

“It is also important to make sure that future generations can use our digital heritage to understand their history.”

Facebook, which also owns Instagram and WhatsApp, is the world’s largest social media platform. 

The site recently said that 30 million of its users visit memorial pages for its users every month. 

The social media giant was recently forced to apologise after technical trouble left users across the UK unable to log on. 


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