'Fake Heiress' of New York Anna Sorokin found guilty of $200,000 fraud


In reality, Sorokin had hardly any money – her father is reportedly a former truck driver from Russia who runs a heating and cooling business in Germany, and had supported her for years.

She had left home for an internship in Paris at Purple magazine, then relocated to New York in 2014.

Kaegan Mays-Williams, a prosecutor, told jurors that Sorokin “put herself in the best position to take money” from wealthy people so she could “live the fantasy of an extravagant lifestyle beyond her means.”

Even during her month-long trial Sorokin put on a show – hiring a stylist, Anastasia Walker, to dress her in different luxury labels every day, with clothes being taken to her in Riker’s Island.

Walker, whose clients include Courtney Love, dressed Sorokin in labels such as Miu Miu, and the outfit choices became something of a fascination for the media.

Her lawyer even confirmed to GQ: “Today it’s Yves Saint Laurent blouse, and Victoria Beckham pants.”

But prosecutors insisted she was a conniving criminal. Ms Mays-Williams added: “She stole from banks. She stole from hotels. She stole from friends. She tried to steal from a hedge fund.”

Mr Spodek insisted she was intending to pay it all back.


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