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Farmer spots gigantic 10ft snake devouring whole goat – horror video


A farmer stumbled across the stomach-turning scene on his land in Fujian province earlier this week. He immediately alerted local forestry chiefs who sent officers to the scene to investigate. When they arrived the 10ft snake was forced to regurgitate the goat and escaped into a nearby stream before the forestry officers caught it with a fishing net.

They released the Burmese python – one of the five largest species of snakes in the world – into the wild the following day.

Footage shows the massive snake lying in thick grass while swallowing the goat.

The farmer said he could only see its hind legs as it had been asphyxiated and was being devoured whole by the predator.

He said he knew the python was listed as a protected species so did not attempt to kill or harm it.

Members of the fire service were dispatched to help him and later found his goat had been spat out.

According to reports, the snake regurgitated its meal after being disturbed and was captured while trying to escape via a nearby stream.

Another clip shows firefighters capturing the python and putting it in a sack.

While they are figuring out how to avoid the snake from escaping, a man yells: “Lift it up! Just lift the bag up.”

The officers released the snake back into the wild the following day.

Last month, a gigantic python has been filmed trying to eat a duck whole after making its way into a farmer’s pen.

It then begins attempting to swallow the bird by beginning to devour its head.

The farmer then tries to intervene and, along with the villagers, manages to stop the horrific attack.

The snake then lifts its head and opens its jaws at the crowd to scare them away.

The python eventually gives up and releases the duck carcass before slowly slithering back into the forest.

Pythons can take weeks to digest their meals, but the large, non-venomous snakes are known to regurgitate carcasses when distressed and to aid with their escape.

Harming, killing or capturing the non-venomous pythons are punishable crimes under China’s endangered species laws.

Poachers and traffickers face more than 10 years behind bars for serious offences.


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